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pogledajte Nova stranica Humanitarnog Centra , More, please check the website New website

11.06.'18 - 15:14 — Pastor Jan
We believe that to give people the knowledge of God and feed the hungry is the same part of the mission of which we have. Our vision is that despite a strong spiritual center, on creating a real social center, which would take care of the poor, the weak and the old, because the company has totally forgotten! Jesus said; The poor you will always have ... ; The apostle James writes;... if you see that your brother is starving and has no clothes and you tell him go in peace and stuffing my face and nothing you do not, if your faith does not work, then your faith is dead ... ; The support that we have always given to those in need is part of our preaching. People need the gospel, but I usually know how to tell people in the West:; it is difficult to convince people that God is good, he loves them, if their shoes pierced and empty stomachs ;
In 1994 I was told by the Holy Spirit; feel the moment, there will be ; lean years in your country. I gathered the brothers, and we formed a humanitarian organisation....Is only 6 year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, while our country great economic standing,...
we allso suport Emmigranst-reffugees, minority group like Roma people, old and pure people and kids who dont have parents...!

More, please check the website New website

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