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Pastor Jan Demiter

For years pastor Demiter has been known as a dinamic music minister in the Church. He wrote many songs that are used gladly in many Churches. He led and formed music groups...

He traveled throughout the former  Yu at the time oft communist traveled to the Eastern countries that were closed and encouraged as a young man brethren elsewhere.

I had excellent teachers and parents Father Paul, who also had a sense of mission and collaboration with his brothers.

As a pioneer of many things in the Church he was breaking the ice and breaking the tradition making his way and also the way for generations to come.

Today, Pastor Demiter as a founder a initiator of the work for Christian Center in Backa Palanka, a director and animator of the work for the Center who's work reaches more and more...

He always stood up for a Bible School in our region where real spiritual and brave students would be trained who would know who they are and what their ministry is. Today, the Christian Center, with it's Bible School who's director is Pastor Demiter, is a place where many spiritual workers are equiped, and as a result of this new stations-churches have been started in our area and wider.

He has traveled through Europe and the US, preaching in many known Churches, acquiring new expirience that helped him do a better work here in these regions.

His wife Nada and their four children are also involved in the work of the Church.

Charitable Foundation was founded in 1996, to the grace of God in cooperation with various donors to the team of associates have done great things about helping, as members of the Church and to all citizens.

Since 2003, Speaking  a Shalom radio message to , The purpose of Christ's coming. I participate in creating a work of Christian SHALOM radio.

He has written several books and is best known, Reform-Return to the Word, and Worship, Praise and Prayer.

He studied at Uppsala  Lou -Oral Roberts University.

Pastor Demiter's efforts bring freshness into these regions, and the message that he carries is:


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