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The Church - Backa Palanka

The Church in Backa Palanka became of a "home friendship group" which was started by pastor Demiter and his wife. This local church is literally a miracle from God because it was opened in the time of communism in Serbia, in the year 1986. Here are some examples;

Three days before this local church was opened, we received a letter from the local authorities that it is not possible to get approval for space for the church, but in a miraculous way we did. !!!! Praise the Lord. We started working with a group in Christ's Pentecostal Church, when our vision and work developed to international measures, we left that group....

With the falling of communism in 1989 this small local church already had capable musicians, singers and witnesses who were ready to do work.

We went out of a small room and started preparing concerts in a theatre auditory. It was called "SCENE 100", located in Backa Palanka. We were surprised how the young people in Backa Palanka were showed interest in this kind of work and soon enough this auditory was full. Unfortunately, after three months of working and functioning like this, the "wise men" who were in the local government tore and brought down the "Scene 100" theatre!

That time pastor James Varnum with he family visit us, and they courage us, so much. We were very disappointed, but the Lord told us:

"I have something better for You".

In the year 1991, my wife and I were coming back from a wonderful conference from Sweden, and God told me: "Go and see the manager of the 'Vojvodina' cinema, and TELL THE MANAGER THAT YOU WANT TO RENT AND REPAIR THAT OLD BUILDING".

I listened to the good and great God and without any fear I arranged a meeting with the local authorities. I suggested the idea, that they rent us this unused space, and explained to them our vision.. and we had a contract, we were to repair this cinema building and use it for ten years.

Of course, no one has promised any kind of help, but we had some good contacts with the church in USA and Sweden at that time.

I will never forget when a pastor from USA came. It was pastor Shurti from Louisiana. I called him to come together with his missionary for Serbia, Zeljko Popovic to come to the cinema hall. I said:

"Pastor, we can have this and we can repair it.".

I remember I stuttered for a moment.. we already had a done deal about repairing and the time for work was already running... He turned to me and said:

"How much does it cost?" :) I said: "20.000$". He looked at me and said: "OK, you have it... work"

So we started working, it turned out that it cost more than that, and the other missionaries in Serbia from the UPCI (united Pentecostal Church, International), that we worked with also started liking this. Brother Samuel Balca, as a missionary for YU also had interest to expand their work through us, an ambitious group of young enthusiasts. So it started...

God has richly blessed us and He has done great things approving that He is with us. Many people came to Christ in a short time. Many miracles have followed and still are following our work, and God was and still is exalted. The war started in our region. Many things were preparing... Various guests and dear friends have helped us in building a local Church. Pastor Varnum is one of them...


We lost the building but the Lord told us: "I have something better for You". . and were attacked from all sides... They tried to destroy us... the attacks weren't coming just from atheists, unbelievers but unfortunately from the religious leaders. But until today God is still exalted and we are getting stronger and better!

God has blessed us richly. In these few years, since we started working we have helped hundreds of men and women, young people and children to get saved. 456 persons have been baptized, many have been healed,feeling with Holy Spirit, freed, many marriages saved, and hope was given for a better tomorrow and all this thanks to the wonderful word, the joyful news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ which came into these regions.

Our vision is to spread the fire and the enthusiasm of the Gospel from this Centre, local church Christian Centre, and go on and on with changing peoples lives. We believe that persecution, misunderstanding and labelling are behind us and that in the days of democratic changes in the time of transition the Christian Centre church Shalom, which has become INDEPENDENT is becoming a sanctuary of fellowship of all who love the Lord with all their hearts, with all their being and who love their neighbour as themselves.

We believe that Shalom movement is going to simmer through this land and that borders and barriers would be changed and walls will be put down so that a BRIDGE could be built for fellowship.

We are thankful to all those who helped us in building of this local church and the whole movement and chain of congregations of Shalom.

We are thankful to all of those who helped us to build this. To the individuals who moved away, Pastor's from USA, the UPCI mission, Christian Mission international, Word of Life mission from Sweden, Slovakia. We thank all of those who have helped us up to now. Many services and meetings are followed by miracles. One of those.This lame guy who has newer walked the walk.....

We are also thankful for the persecution, for the villainous writings on our wall, for the broken windows, the attempt to set our building on fire, for throwing stones on our believers and guests, all of these things brought to this: EAGERNESS and ALERTNESS!

And the best is yet to come...

Many new churches, many included congregations because we believe that THIS IS THE TIME OF STRONG LOCAL CHURCHES! A time of organizations is in the past, and this is a time of movements and strong local Churches as a place where God wants to do miracles! Of course it is a great joy for us that the new and younger reinforcements are coming.

I believe in Team work. I believe that a team of young people is coming and taking responsibilities. It is certain that one of them are Nadezda and Jan Lacko, the junior pastor in the Christian Centre Shalom local church in Backa Palanka.

Their time is yet to come, but they have already done much for the kingdom of God on these grounds. I believe that they are stepping in front of a TEAM that is going to bring many good things for the kingdom of God here.

Because of this, join yourself, to a team that wins.

Pastor Demiter





Sunday service: 18:00h



Ladies service: Tuesday, 18:00h



Missions night and home fellowship groups: Wednesdays and Fridays



Bible studies: Thursday, 19:00



Youth meetings: Saturday,20:00


On our meetings there is joy, freedom and fulfillment of all needs of the spirit, soul and the body.

Visit us, you are always WELCOME!

All informations on +38121751935 or our e-mail

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