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Church - Ilok, R. CROATIA

Obedience to God's Word always brings results. In the beginning of our work in Backa Palanka, we understand that it is necessary to sow the seed of God in the environment. "... And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem first, and in Samaria ..." Acts 1, 8


Our local church has started to visit a sister Julka Krnáč from Ilok. We offered it to her house once a week maintain a "friendship group home" - "Brownie". So I start travell to the Ilok one time in week with me wife and cooworker..

God bless us, various miracles have followed our ministry there and those who came to the meetings, home groups have become believers, converts to faith in Christ and listen to our preaching and His Word.
We started transporting the person to our meetings in Backa Palanka and sometimes they had even three or four times buy car transported interested in our meetings. 
Some have helped me in this, a me brother Juraj Demiter and some new converts from Backa Palanka our lokal church. ...
Then we got the idea to buy a house in Ilok and adapt it to the needs of our meetings, because the number of believers increased.
After two years work like this, we already had about 15 believers (in photos) and lots of young and interested parties, among them were good musicians.
Finally, in 1991. years before the war and all these events in the former Yu, opened Church, Prayer House "New Life".
God has blessed, and for a short time we had full fellowship (there were about 50 people) and the members of the 26.
Unfortunately, there was a war, and the process of separation of Croatia from Yugoslavia and many people ran away and so our work was difficult and somewhat stalled.

We formed a humanitarian organization and assisted in the days of  "closed Ilok" all who needed help. 


 I would often go on foot with a guitar and bible in me package to preach God's Word the local believers. We meet again  in homes because the Church building was ransacked and subsequently destroyed.

Always get me on the bridge over the Danube asking a former Yugoslavian soldiers who were on our side and held in an environment Ilok:
"Where are go with the guitar? ... They are, the ones in other side guns"
Yes, I say; I know,   but a better guitar than a rifle, guns, right? 
Many miracles have been experienced believers who remained in Ilok despite the enormous pressure of both sides of the government.
However, due to various threats on my life by certain extremists, one time we had to stop visits to Ilok.
Finally, the small group in 1996. then took over  brother Andrej Mamojka . We renewed the work in the home environment again.
Following the refurbishment, and the formalization of the state of Croatia, we are authorized to request Ondrej Mamojka compensation and reconstruction of our destroyed building .... Few years ago, the Croatian authorities to be approved today in Ilok builds beautiful building of the church ....
Unfortunately, Andrew's brother decided to do different and separate from us, supported the mission of UPCI. That is ok, but God know everithing...Many dishonorable action there about the building and a host of ilegal activities. That hapenes with help of the money the yuong man who grew up in our lokal Church and became maried daughter of former missionaries. He is now missionary  for Croatia and Slovenia...
But we believe in a miracle of God and re-impact on the work, because God has given me a vision of a beautiful center in Eastern Slavonia, and it is only temporarily suppressed and somewhat taken away from us.
We believe that after several years of delays and the Church in Ilok will continue to grow ... We work with new generation people from Ilok and prepare them for new work there.
Ps. There pictures show our work in the denomination Hrist Pentecostal Church in Yugoslavia. The teaching-doctrin of covernings and scarves vas one of the main dogma.




Početak rada u staroj zgradi Crkve... Bigenning our work in an old church building 1991

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