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Help print book from pastor Demiter

Book from pastor Jan Demiter, that is in electronic format on our website: Nations, Israel, Church, sect is ready for the press.


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Posted by Jan Lacko on Saturday, November 7, 2015


Dear pastor and friend in Word of Life family!

Dear pastor and friend in Word of Life family!
Warmest greetings!

Pastor Jan Demiter

For years pastor Demiter has been known as a dinamic music minister in the Church. He wrote many songs that are used gladly in many Churches.


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                          Christian Center believer statement:

  1. The believers in Christian Center are Christ - centric community who have the Word of God as a measuring standard.
  2. We, people of different nations are together with a purpose, to fulfill the Word of God - the commandment of Jesus Christ: "Go forth and teach... ", Open a new cell groups and church, and practice the doctrine of the Apostles.
  3. We are not against: no nation, no religion, no government, our example is the early first Church from Jerusalem.
  4. We are for fellowship with all those who are not against the truth or us. Those who oppose us, for those we pray, those who oppose the truth, we try to teach the truth.
  5. We pray for our authorities and all the people that they come and know the truth.
  6. We pray for a revival in our nations and we praise God because he keeps His promises.
  7. Our vision is spiritual education of believers, their growth in knowing God's will, that in this way all the people would set their lives and jobs on God's principles.
We stand for greater and more significant influence of the Church on all the structures of the society we live in, especially for the family so that it becomes what it always used to be in tradition.
We stand for the community we live in that it would be better and of better quality.

Humanitarni fond HC SHALOM-Charise found Hristian Centre

We believe that to give people the knowledge of God and feed the hungry is the same part of the mission of which we have.

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